Learn to Crochet for Beginners Part 3 ~Elegant Washcloth Border

Welcome! This is the 3rd video in a Beginners Series for those who want to learn (or relearn) crochet. I hope that through this video you’ll feel like a friend who is sitting right next to me!

In this video you’ll learn how to add the Elegant Border to your washcloth or just about any project you’d like. I’ll be teaching you the single crochet (sc) and double crochet (dc) stitches and how to turn a corner. This comes in handy when you want to turn just about any corner in crochet.

In case you missed the washcloth beginning, you can find Part 1 here

Go get your supplies (listed below) and we’ll get started.

Supplies needed:
**Yarn size and type: Worsted Weight, 4-ply. 100% Cotton.
**Hook size: H/5.0 mm
**Darning needle
**Stitch Markers : Scrap yarn, Bobby pins, or Plastic Crochet markers

If you make this Elegant Washcloth I’d love to see it! Come on over to my Facebook Page and show me!

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I am only human after all, so if you find a mistake in the pattern please let me know so I can amend it. My email is crochetshay at gmail dot com.

This is an original Shannon Hendon pattern: Owner / Designer of Crochet Shay. This pattern is copyright protected and may not be redistributed for free, sale or trade. Finished products may be sold as long as a link back to my website and/or etsy shop for this design is provided.

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