How to Finish Off & Weave in the Ends of Your Crochet Project

When I was first learning how to crochet I really had no idea how to finish off my yarn. I tied knots, but something niggled at the back of my mind telling me this probably wasn’t the best way to do it. Afterall, there was a knot in my project and I was pretty sure fiber artists had a smoother option than an ugly knot! I admit I’m a perfectionist, so this really bothered me until I finally found this weaving in method.

In this video I’ll demonstrate how to weave in your tails in your crochet projects, often written as “finish off” in patterns.
In this method your yarn is secured without any knots in your work. I know it sounds unbelievable and untrustworthy to new crochet artists, but this is one of those instances that you just have to trust those who have come before you. Knots are unsightly and can come untied easier than you might think. The only time I personally use knots is inside of stuffed animals or amigurumi where it will not show (and even then I tie that knot over and over about 5 times where it is big and ugly but won’t show).

Choose a yarn needle with a large enough opening to fit the size yarn or crochet thread you’re working with and you are good to go!

My favorite yarn needle is this one here <Р First, these needles have large eyelet holes, the coating on them goes smoothly through your work, and they have bent tips which are much easier to work with.
It also comes in a cute Chibi case that I have made into a yarn necklace that I pretty much wear every day….and on road trips, I don’t leave home without it. LOL!



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