Pokemon Family Time – Crochet Pokeball Pattern

I have four children who have been Pokemon fans since they were little. I remember making a Pokeball cake from two glass bowls for one of my son’s birthdays over 15 years ago. And when Team Rocket showed up complete with the cutest Pikachu Volkswagen beetle I think we solidified our ranking as the “cool” parents.

Now my kids are young adults, one married and in the military with 2 kids (my beautiful grandchildren) and they are all crazy about the new Pokemon Go app. All 9 of us recently took a road trip from Florida to Nashville, TN to visit my parents and they played the app all through the trip. It has been great bonding for all of us!

I brought an assortment of cotton yarn with me to make some washcloths, but of course I had to go to the store when we got there for MORE yarn when I decided to make them some Pokeballs. The grandkids love throwing these crocheted balls and I don’t fear them hurting each other or breaking anything with them.

It’s a simple beginner’s ball pattern using red, black, and white yarn. Continue reading Pokemon Family Time – Crochet Pokeball Pattern

Crochet to the Rescue! – A Bear’s Eye Patch Pattern

One of the absolute best things about crochet for me is the ability to make something useful. I’m a very practical gal at heart and if I see a need for something I immediately try to find a crochet remedy (like these Car Seat Strap Covers I made for the 2 year old who complained about the straps cutting her little neck).

Last summer my grand kids came for a visit and our two Great Danes, while they are gentle giants, hadn’t been around children’s toys in a long time. My 3 yr old grandson is very attached to his “Puppy” and cannot sleep without it. No matter how good I was at watching the dogs, the unthinkable happened… Zeus, chewed off the plastic eyes from Puppy. *gasp*

Hoping to avoid a complete meltdown I asked him if it was ok for me to crochet some new eyes for Puppy and to my delight he was ok with that. If I’d had time to think it through I may have tried to make the eyes look better than this, but the quick fix was good enough to make him happy.


There was more damage to the right side beyond just the eyes, but by making them a bit larger I was able to bring all the fuzzy fabric bits together. Puppy has since been on many more trips with his new eyes and is looking lovingly worn.

PATTERN for Bear Eyes or to Patch a Hole:  Continue reading Crochet to the Rescue! – A Bear’s Eye Patch Pattern