This Little Piggy Crochet Bookmark and Applique

“Qu’il Fait Bon Chez Nous” by W. J. Gage limited [1941]

A few weeks ago I was scrolling scrolling along ravelry looking for bookmark patterns and I came across this elephant by Katie Young at Jelly Designs. Isn’t it so cuuuuute!?

I posted it to my Facebook and immediately I got a request from my sister-in-law asking me for a piggy bookmark. I said yes really quickly, but then when I went looking I couldn’t find a pig! So, I made up my own pattern and I’m really happy with it. The pattern looks like it may have pieces, but it’s actually worked with very minimal sewing (only for the black details in the eyes, nose and toes.)
I worked it in thread so it would lay flat for a bookmark, but I’m sure you could make this as an applique with any yarn and coordinated hook size.

“Qu’il Fait Bon Chez Nous” by W. J. Gage limited [1941]
As a side story, this little old children’s french book was one that my french canadian grandmaman used to have me read to her when I was little. It’s very delicate, but Continue reading This Little Piggy Crochet Bookmark and Applique

Let me Teach You How to Crochet the Magic Circle with this Video Tutorial ~ You can do it!

A lot of crocheters, new and seasoned, are often intimidated by the Magic Circle. I’m here to give you a little guidance and a lot of encouragement. It’s a wonderful technique that once mastered that gives your circle work a tighter beginning than can’t always be achieved using chain loops.

I’m here to tell you, don’t be scared, you CAN do this! I have taught many people and all you really need is some determination and a few rewinds on the YouTube tutorial. Most people don’t get it on the first try. You have to keep at it a few times to get your hands to work it. The first few times the yarn will likely become very loose, but as long as you do the steps in the video it will still work. Just make it happen!

I offer you my teaching method: (BIG Hugs, you’ve got this!!!)

And when you’ve done it, please come celebrate with me and show me your work on my Facebook Page!

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