How to Change Yarn Colors in Crochet Video Tutorial

How do you change yarn colors? When I first started crocheting I didn’t know how to change colors and would just tie a knot. That’s fine and dandy when you’re making something like a stuffie that hides the knots on the inside, but not so much for other projects.

Once I learned this method for changing colors in any crochet project it was a game changer.

Do me a favor and watch this short video and let me know what you think in the comments. Do you have another method that works for you? I’d love to know!


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Let me Teach You How to Crochet the Magic Circle with this Video Tutorial ~ You can do it!

A lot of crocheters, new and seasoned, are often intimidated by the Magic Circle. I’m here to give you a little guidance and a lot of encouragement. It’s a wonderful technique that once mastered that gives your circle work a tighter beginning than can’t always be achieved using chain loops.

I’m here to tell you, don’t be scared, you CAN do this! I have taught many people and all you really need is some determination and a few rewinds on the YouTube tutorial. Most people don’t get it on the first try. You have to keep at it a few times to get your hands to work it. The first few times the yarn will likely become very loose, but as long as you do the steps in the video it will still work. Just make it happen!

I offer you my teaching method: (BIG Hugs, you’ve got this!!!)

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Learn How to Crochet for Very Beginners Part 1 ~ Easy Video Tutorial

So, you want to learn how to crochet? Or perhaps you’re experienced and know someone wants to learn, too? Here’s the chance to share our love of crochet to anyone who wants to learn!

In this video, I go slowly and step by step to teach you how. I truly believe anyone can learn and with YouTube it’s so easy with pause and rewind. I’ve had so many friends ask me to teach them crochet that I started a class in my home. I also hear from a lot of people who’ve learned many years ago and need a refresher course to get back into it.

I want to extend my passion for crochet by giving you an easy to follow video and I hope that you’ll feel like a friend who is sitting right next to me. Look in the description for the supply list and let’s get started today!

In this video we’ll be learning how to get the yarn onto your hook with a slip knot and take the first steps into chaining and single crochet stitches. You can turn this project into a scarf and have something to be very proud of!
So, go get your supplies (list below and very inexpensive) and we’ll get started. I’m so excited!

Supplies needed:
Yarn size and type: Super Bulky, 6-ply. Acrylic is best for learning.
Hook size: L/8.0 mm
Yarn/Darning needle

Play the video below

In the next video, we’ll be making a simple washcloth/dishcloth together using cotton yarn and a size H/5.0 mm hook.

I take requests, so let me know what you’d like to see and tell me if my videos have helped you in the comments below 🙂

Happy Hookin! ~ Crochet Shay

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I am only human after all, so if you find a mistake in the pattern please let me know so I can amend it. My email is crochetshay at gmail dot com.

This is an original Shannon Hendon pattern: Owner / Designer of Crochet Shay. This pattern is copyright protected and may not be redistributed for free, sale or trade. Finished products may be sold as long as a link back to my website and/or etsy shop for this design is provided.

Learn to Crochet for Beginner’s ~ A Photo Tutorial~Child’s Car Seat Strap Covers

Sore little necks, No More! Your very first crochet tutorial is here with step by step pictures! No kids? No problem, you can make the adult size strap covers all while you learn to crochet. Crochet is my favorite addiction and Crochet Gifts made with love are the Best Gifts! Let’s learn!

Car Seat Cover Tutorial header2

My Granddaughter with her pink straps

I have had many friends express a desire to learn crochet, so this one is for YOU!…I’ll teach you right from the very beginning. Go buy some yarn and a 4.0mm hook and come back here! Continue reading Learn to Crochet for Beginner’s ~ A Photo Tutorial~Child’s Car Seat Strap Covers

How Crochet Helped Me Heal ~ These Crochet Hearts Will Give You a Sense of Accomplishment

Hi I’m Shannon, my friends call me ShayShay, and I’m just a bit crochet crazy. I want to share with you the story of how little crochet hearts helped me heal. Browsing the internet I’ve found it’s full of magnificent, creative crocheters and I really struggled with the decision to go forward with a blog. But, as one of my bff’s always says, “What else ya got ta do?” Haha!  I’ve come to realize that each of us is entirely unique and has something special within us that comes out in our particular forms of art and that is worthy of sharing.

I just have to do my own thing and not get discouraged. I’m not competing with anybody except myself.

In Feb 2015, in an effort to physically push myself out of a particularly difficult depression I went for a walk, stepped wrong on uneven pavement, and snapped my ankle…On the FIRST day! I know, I know! Continue reading How Crochet Helped Me Heal ~ These Crochet Hearts Will Give You a Sense of Accomplishment